Battery charger

Handy all-round 10A battery charger for charging various types of batteries. This battery charger can also be turned into a 12V power source, in this mode the charger gives 13,6V with a maximum of 5A output. Ideal for connecting, for example, a cool box.

Product features:
• The battery charger uses high technology, the five-step loading technique makes it possible to charge batteries up to almost 100% of their original capacity to load.
• Automatic diagnosis, recovery, load and maintains batteries for months. Fully automatic charging technique which automatically switches to the correct mode.
• Comes with two connection cables; 1 with cable clamps and 1 with eye terminals. The basic cable is permanently mounted to the battery charger which the two supplied charging cables can be easily connected to.
• The charger has a 9 step charging mode: 1,5A - 10A - 7,5A - 5A - 4A - 3A - 2A - 1,5A maintenance (trickle charge) and 13,6V/5A power supply.
• No risk of overcharging
• Protected against overheating with built-in cooling fan
• Electronic short-circuit and reverse pole protection
• Works as a 12V power supply (13,6V/5A)

Technical data:
• Input Voltage 200-260VAC, 50Hz
• Output Voltage 12V & 24V (auto-select)
• Efficiency >75%
• Load Voltage 14,4V±0,25V or 28,8V±2%
• Charging current 10A±10% or 7,5A±10% or 5A±10% or 4A±10% or 3A±10% or 2A±0,3A or 1,5A±0,3A
• Max. environment temperature -10° to +40°
• Suitable for batteries 12V & 24V lead acid (WET, MF, AGM and GEL)
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14661100 Smart Battery Charger
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