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Admiralsheet Vision

Very resilient, extremely multi-functional rope of the highest quality, specially designed for sheets, halyards and trim lines, suitable for yachts of every size. Very durable and low stretch, easily spliced to wire - thermo fixed.

Very good adhesion on winch drums, abrasion resistant cover, non-kinking. Best choice for cruising yachts.

• Pre stretched line
• Stretch < 5 %
• The pure colored alternative to Admiral sheet Color with high quality spin-dyed Polyester in the cover.
Polyester high-quality grip
1:1 Plaited
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Afbeelding uitvergroten
Article Number Description
01810005 Splice Admiralsheet Reel Ø Breakingload
red blue black green mtr mm in daN
01632006    01632206    01632406    01632606    200 6 800
01632008    01632208    01632408    01632608    200 8 1600
01632010    01632210    01632410    01632610    200 10 2500
01632012    01632212    01632412    01632612    200 12 3500
01632014    01632214    01632414    01632614    150 14 4500
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